How do I qualify for the AAU Jr. Olympics?

The Ohio Rockets are dedicated to guiding you through the process to get qualified for the Jr. Olympics. Below is a quick explanation of what it takes to get to the Nationals.

1. Get your AAU Card and attend a AAU District Meet. If you finish in the top 16, you will advance to the AAU National Qualifer.

2. Attend the AAU National Qualifier. You can only compete in the events that you entered at the District Level.

3. So who advance to the AAU Jr Olympics from the National Qualifier?

See Pages 6-7 of the AAU Handbook for qualification procedures and the exerpt below.

Advancement from Regional Qualifiers to the AAU Junior Olympic Games:

    Running Events
    • The top six (6) athletes advance

    Field Events
    • The top five (5) athletes advance

    • The top four (4) teams/athletes advance

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What is the Difference Between USATF and AAU?

The most obvious difference is at the competition level for the District and Regional meets. USATF has the Ohio Association meet, a statewide meet that advances their athletes to the Regionals. Regionals for USATF consist of a multi-state area AND only five advance to their Jrl Olympics AND age groups are combined, meaning 9-10 run together, 11-12 run together, and 13-14 run together. AAU has a breakdown of these age divisions and they compete separately (9 year old division, 10 year old division, etc.). AAU advances contestants from every state (see above), while USATF advances from multiple states..

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